Health Benefits Of raw food

Fresh ingredients

Our pet meat is processed in a hygienic and safe environment. We use high quality grade meats in our products and also snap freeze for fresher results. All products are free from additives and preservatives.

6 enzymatic

Active emzymes

Raw food contains whole undenatured proteins. This means that the protein molecule found in raw meats (and produce too) are their whole natural and easily recognisable form.

Joint health

One benefit of raw feeding is that it’s an anti-inflammatory diet. By adding sardine/pilchards which are high omega 3 fatty acids adds support to joint health and reduces the risk of inflammation.

Skin health

Switching to a raw food diet has been shown to take care of several health issues, including eliminating food and other allergies that can cause skin issues and other underlying health problems found in our modern day pets.

100% Natural Food for Perth Pets

Established in 1965, Pet’s Meat Suppliers (PMS) is a family owned business situated in Mt. Hawthorn. We are dedicated to bringing pets in Perth the best in nutrition and taste. For over half a century, we have made sure your pets are well fed with 100% natural food. Contact us today to find out more.

What pets can expect

Investing in value is part of what we do. Our processing plant, located in Osborne Park, is where we manufacture our own pet meat. When we say “natural”, we mean 100% – with no preservatives or additives.

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